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We take a unique approach to yoga here at CrossFit Out of the Box. Instead of the traditional 60 or 90-minutes of yoga, we offer 20-minute stretch sessions that are suitable for all ages as an add-on to your CrossFit workout. Our highly trained and certified yoga instructor bases the class on the workout of the day. She specifically targets different areas of the body that need stretching, including, but not limited to, hips, hamstrings, back, glutes, and shoulders. At times, she even adds a few core exercises to further help strengthen our athletes. “Every class ends with a guided meditation that takes you into a relaxed state as you practice focusing techniques.” – Yogi Wilma


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Our yoga instructor will take you through movements to help increase flexibility, build core strength, and speed up recovery time. Everyone who participates is always consulted before the session to get a common feel for whether healing or core yoga will do the trick on that particular day. We strive to provide value to athletes of all fitness backgrounds. The classes are built specifically around the athletes’ wants and needs. In doing so, you will learn the skills needed to focus your mind and relieve stressful thoughts. Yoga is part of the CrossFit memberships; mats and blocks are complimentary.

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