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Personal training is a one-on-one experience with one of our certified trainers. They will get to know you more in depth,  help you to set long and short term goals, assess your fitness levels, and work around your schedule to find the best time for your training.  “Crossfit breaks away from routine and allows us (coaches) to think of a personalized workout for you each day. You always have a certified coach who’s goal focuses on your success.” – Coach Tonja

Some people prefer to have one-on-one training over a group setting for the extra accountability and personalized workouts. Through performing fitness assessments to objectively measure your physical level of fitness, we can analyze and document your progress through weigh-ins, body fat analysis, BMI, sleep patterns, eating habits, injuries, likes/dislikes, in addition to a general fitness test. This then translates over to personalized programs to develop important fitness aspects such as strength and increase in endurance. You will learn valuable techniques that can easily be incorporated into your lifestyle. Our trainers are professional and experienced, and will guide you into the best shape of your life!   

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Why hire a personal trainer

Studies show that you achieve significantly greater results when using a Personal Trainer who can guide, motivate, and educate you through your workouts.

Not only does a personal trainer program your work out specifically for you, they provide accountability and discipline to ensure your success. A personalized program is continuously tailored to you so that you are targeting what you need to achieve your goals. Additionally, together, with your coach, you will develop a plan for healthy eating which includes vitamins, minerals, and more nutritional tips to bring a healthy balance to your life and to achieve maximum results. We will continually adjust your program so that you consistently get what you need to achieve your goals.




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