CrossFit Out of the Box opened its doors in 2015 in Pompano Beach, Florida by Leigh Anne Lopez. Originally located near the intracoastal on East Atlantic Boulevard, Leigh was determined to create a safe place where she and her team could provide fitness for everyone!

Shortly after graduating college with a degree in Psychology, Leigh had established herself as a women-only personal trainer and fitness instructor, always striving for betterment of health and self- empowerment of her clients. This became the gateway to her passion for helping others and encouraging them to lead a healthier and well-rounded lifestyle. Hungry to discover additional ways to help more people and grow as a fitness and health professional, Leigh journeyed into the world of CrossFit which opened her eyes to the benefits and structure of group classes. With a new vision in mind, she hit the ground running, got her Level 1 Certification, found a small space, and opened up a CrossFit gym of her own. Thus being able to offer the individual attention she’s always strived to provide through small group classes and personal training.

“I love helping people realize what they are capable of. They are always so much stronger, from the inside out, than they think they are.” – Coach Leigh

The trainers at CrossFit Out of the Box always push people to achieve goals they believe can be accomplished. They challenge and elevate fitness boundaries. Additionally, they encourage athletes to get “Out of the Box” for various workouts, events, and fundraisers to take advantage of our beautiful surroundings in Florida.

Every CrossFit gym is different and caters to the message the owner wants to get across to the community. After visiting many CrossFit gyms throughout the state, Leigh was determined to have a clean, air-conditioned space not only to combat those hot Florida summers, but also to create an atmosphere that would promote a fun and healthy place to workout in. “Out of the Box” can hold many meanings, but to us, it resonates a sense of activeness, to stray from our comfort zone, and venture beyond what we expect from ourselves with no limits.

Since its inception, the Out of the Box fitness family has grown in both athletes and staff. In 2017, our team migrated to its current location on N Federal Highway which provides more space and room to grow. We currently offer a variety of CrossFit and CF Lite classes, open gym sessions throughout the day, Virtual Yoga (live yoga coming back soon), CrossFit Kids classes (resuming in January 2021), Virtual CrossFit/PersonalTraining to those that would prefer to workout from the comfort of their own home, and one on one Personal Training Sessions (in-house).

Athletes of ALL fitness levels, ages, and physical abilities have been able to join the Out of the Box family and partake in the amazing workouts, fundraisers, and variety of classes offered daily, and other health resources.

Our story may have started with Leigh’s dream of helping others live a healthier lifestyle, but our continuous chapters were all made possible because of our incredible athletes. As we grow stronger individually, we aspire to grow our CrossFit family as well!


Leigh Filewich LopezFounder/CEO Certified Crossfit Coach L1
Certified Crossfit Coach L2
Certified CrossFit Kids Coach
Certified Personal Trainer (WFA)
Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)
Certified Nutrition Coach (HSN)
Women’s Studies Certification
CPR/AED/FA Certified

Tonja EvansGeneral ManagerCertified Crossfit Coach L1
Certified CrossFit Kids Coach
Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)
CPR/AED/FA Certified

Jenna Perkins CrossFit Coach/Nutrition Coach Certified Crossfit Coach L1
Personal CrossFit Experience 11 years
CPR/AED/FA Certified
Certified Nutrition Coach (HSN)

Jennifer Hill CrossFit Coach/Personal Trainer Certified CrossFit Coach L1
CrossFit KB Certification L1
Certified Personal Trainer Specialist (ACSM)
National Strength and Conditioning Certification (NCSA)
American Sports Medicine Certification (ACSM)

Tania RegistreCrossFit Coach CERTIFIED CROSSFIT COACH L1


Luiza Blanchard CrossFit Coach/Personal TrainerCertified Crossfit Coach L1
Certified Crossfit Coach L2
Certified Personal Trainer (AFAA)
Certified Group Trainer (AFAA)
Certified Personal Trainer (ISSA)
Certified Kettlebell Instructor American
Kettlebell Association
CPR/AED/FA Certified

Wilma Lubbock Yoga InstructorERYT200 YACEP
Yoga Alliance Certified & Registered Yoga
Yoga Alliance Continuing Education
CPR/AED/FA Certified

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