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Schedule your Free No Sweat Introduction so that we can show you around the facility, tell you about what we have to offer, and learn more about your goals.


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What to expect during your No Sweat Intro

  1. Meet the trainers

    When you first arrive, we will give you a personal tour of the facility. During that time, we will ask you a few questions about your current fitness level and if you have any concerns such as injuries, etc.

  2. Tour the facility

    You will be introduced to the coach, who will make the necessary modifications to the workout of the day so that you can participate at your own level.

  3. Talk about your goals and ask questions

    After your trial class, upon signing up for your membership, we will schedule your one on one training with a coach (also known as your “onramp”. During this one hour session, we will go over the basic CrossFit movements and techniques. This will prepare you for your future classes and give you a little background on how the classes work.

  4. Create a plan of action

    Don’t worry, we also teach all of the required movements before each and every class as well and will continue to work with you to improve every single day.

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Free Introduction

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