I can’t believe it’s been over three years since we stumbled into the Out of the Box grand opening. My wife says “this will be fun” so we join the following week. I was reluctant and out of shape. I weighed 220 pounds and could barely get off the couch without making noise and haven’t seen a gym from the inside in 30 years. With Leigh’s reassurance an excellent coaching, we managed to start this transformation.

In three years I’ve lost 30 pounds of fat, increase my cardio tenfold, and feel better than I ever have. Leigh and the Out of the Box crew have totally changed my life and definitely extended it. I know people are skeptical about the whole Crossfit preconceptions of it’s too hard, I’m going to get hurt, I can’t do that, etc. Some gyms are that way, this one is not. She programs for everyone. We have members of all levels of fitness and Shay. You work at your own pace and level and the results will be there. Each and every member is proof of that.

It is great to witness the transformation that happens at Out of the Box. The biggest bonus is a great friendships that you make here. We all have common goals of bettering ourselves and we motivate each other to get there. It is the one thing that makes you get off the couch and into the gym. It is almost like an extended family. Thank you for keeping me focused and motivated to be a better me!

My job brought me to South Florida where I didn’t know anyone, so I joined the gym. I was adamant about doing CrossFit because I heard about how intimidating and intense it was. I checked it out because of the overwhelmingly positive reviews and I was hooked after my first work out. Being an athlete my entire life, I always struggled with push-ups and pull-ups. When starting it out of the box, I never even considered that I would be able to do them. After lots of coaching and progressions, I can now do correct push-ups and almost pull-ups!

The coaches are beyond encouraging and really care that you get all that you can out of the workouts. They’ve created such a positive and fun environment where every skill level can get a great workout. It means a lot that they take the time to go over the movements and progressions both as a group and individually so that you don’t get hurt and you know exactly what you’re doing. All of the other athletes at Out of the Box push each other during the work outs and keep you accountable on coming back.

Out of the Box has changed my life and it will definitely change yours. No matter how good of an athlete you are or want to be, you’ll find a place here. There’s no intimidation or competition, just a great group of people wanting to be better than they were the day before and I am so proud of how strong and confident I am now I want everyone to experience that same feeling.

Getting into the box is the best part of my day because any stress I have melts and sweats away. I love that we have a great sense of community are working toward a common goal.

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